Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Our first COVID-19 vaccinations (yay!)--& a warning about an unexpected & dangerous effect of this pandemic on memory

After weeks of looking for an opportunity to get a literal shot in the arm, my husband got an appointment in midtown Manhattan--he got his first COVID-19 vaccination on Monday, March 1.  It took me something like another half day on the internet to find an open appointment for myself--I got my first COVID-19 vaccination within walking distance of our apartment but at 10:45 PM (!) on Tuesday, March 2.

It wasn't until after I got into a taxi to come home after my vaccination that I realized that I'd completely forgotten something life-saving--I'd completely forgotten to use a seat-belt in the taxi on the way to the vaccination site.  I hadn't been in a car since October, and I'd literally gotten out of the habit.  Here's a reminder for those of us who don't own cars and aren't using public transit or cars except when necessary:  DON'T FORGET TO USE A SEAT-BELT!


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